Legalization of Business and Commerce-related Documents


    Documents should initially be certified by the Australian Chamber of Commerce or DFAT and then send to the consular section of the Iranian Embassy in Canberra.

    Documents and Papers are normally given in the following forms, for the purpose of authentication and approval:

    1. Certificate of Origin

    2. Sale Invoice

    3. Health Certificate or Certificate of Analysis

    4. Bill of Lading

    5. Power Attorney

    6. Credit and Capital Authentication Certificates of the Company or Businessman

    7. Article of association

    8. Letter of Appointing Representative

    9. General documents such as birth certificate or divorce order


     Required Documents:

    1- Original papers and commercial invoices that have been approved of by either the DFAT or Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry or other authorities similarly qualified (and approved of by the Embassy).

    *For Legalization of Health certificate and certificate of origin the invoice relative to that document is required. Also you should pay for both of them (The Invoice and Certificate)

    2- An extra Express Australian Post Platinum envelope for return (a self addressed envelope).

    3- Money order payable to the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Australian Dollar


    Condition for being able to work:


    In order to be able to Legalize Trading Documents, the Company must provide the 2 following articles all together which mean:

    1. Invoice,

    2. Certificate of Origin or Health Certificate, and should pay the concerning price for each article, even if it desires to certify only one of them. Method of payment is Money Order .

    A. The stamp and signatures of qualified competent authorities of the region, on the legally certified documents and papers must be credible and correspond to the existing stamp.

    B. Legal certification of documents containing damages, wrinkles, scribbled and scrawled text, and correction fluid usage will not be possible.

    C. In case the invoice lacks the total cost of goods or the request for Legalization of certificate of origin and Health certificate lacks the bill/invoice, according to the regulations, the maximum fee listed in the tariffs of the consulate will be demanded from the applicant of the legalization process.

    The legalization fees are per document (copies need extra charges) and based on the following tables:

             Fees for Legalization of Documents 


Invoice Amount(Australian Dollar)

Fees to be paid for Original Invoices & certificates ( Australian Dolalr)

1          Dollar to   243       Dollar

31       Dollar

244        Dollar to 2425      Dollar

103      Dollar

2426      Dollar to 12121    Dollar

183     Dollar

12122    Dollar to 24243    Dollar

369     Dollar

24244    Dollar to 121212  Dollar

719     Dollar

121213  Dollar  over

1437   Dollar


            Fees For Legalization Of Health Cerificate 


Amount of the Health Certificates


Fees to be paid for Health certificates


1        Dollar to  243    Dollar

62        Dollar

244    Dollar to 2425    Dolla

164      Dollar

2426  Dollar to 12121    Dollar

308      Dollar

More than $ 12121 575     Dollar


             Fees for Agreement or Contract


Fees to be paid for Legalizing    Amount in the Agreement        
 21    Dollar  $ 0  t0  $ 243
 62    Dollar $ 244  to $ 2425
 103    Dollar More than  $ 2426

            Legalization Charges for:


 42    Dollar                     Power of Attorney
 93    Dollar Articles of Association
 93    Dollar Introduction of Board of Directors
 93    Dollar Letters of Representation and Similar
 42    Dollar General Documents