Police Check

Police Check

Foreign nationals who have legally resided in Iran for a while, are entitled to apply for an Iranian Police Check.

To lodge an application for a Police Check to the Islamic Republic of Iran, the following document are required:

  1. Fill in  (4) copy of Police Check application forms.
    Please note: Fill this application in persian.

  2. Eight (8) passport size photos.(must be taken within the last six months)

  3. Two figerprint forms which are required to be obtained from Australian police.

  4. Applicant’s passport.

  5. Austaralian valid visa or Australian travel document.
  6. $31 money order.

  7. Two (2) registered or express envelopes with complete name and address.

  8. Enclose all the above mentioned documents in a courier bag and send it to:

    Police Check Section
    Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran
    P.O. Box 705 , Mawson, ACT, 2607

          Note: The police check process will take at least 6 months, whilst the process is under consideration, the Embassy can provide the applicants with necessary Proof Letter. Obtaining the proof letter would cost 20 dollar.